The current membership of the Commission is twenty eight (28) as stipulated in section 4(1) – 4(5) Universities Act 1985. The Commission is the overall governing body. It executes its functions through specialist committees and the secretariat.

Committees of the Commission

The Committees of the Commission examine and determine specific issues and advice the Commission on action to be taken. The Committees engage the services of resource persons where necessary. Details of the various Committees and their functions are provided in this website.

(a) The Steering Committee

This is the executive Committee of the Commission. It works under the general direction of the Commission in coordinating the work of the various committees and the Secretariat.

(b) Appointments and Promotions Committee

This Committee deals with matters related to recruitment and promotion of the staff of the Commission. There are three sub-committees one each for senior, middle-level and junior staff.

(c) Inspection Committee

This Committee is charged with the responsibility of assessing and ensuring the establishment and maintenance of high academic standards in university institutions and institutions that have applied to the Commission for accreditation.

(d) Curriculum Committee

This Committee is responsible for evaluation and approval of curricula of academic programmes and assessment of academic resources supporting such programmes; and advises the Inspection Committee accordingly.

(e) Technical Committee

This Committee assesses the suitability of buildings and other physical and spatial facilities for university education in accordance with the Universities Rules and the Laws of Kenya, and advises the Inspection Committee accordingly.

(f) Legislation Committee

This Legislation Committee advises the Commission on legal matters. It specifically reviews Rules and Regulations governing the conduct and discipline of students, Charters and Statutes and advises the Inspection Committee on the same.

(g) Documentation and Information Technology Committee

This Committee advises the Commission on matters pertaining to the provision of information and documentation services. It also guides the direction of the development of library and information services in institutions of higher education in the country.

(h) Equation of Qualifications Committee

The Committee recommends to the Commission the national standards on recognition and equation of qualifications from various parts of the world.

(i) Post-Secondary School Institutions Committee

The Committee sets standards for post-secondary school institutions, coordinates the education and training, establishes criteria for credit transfers between various programmes and maintains a directory of post-secondary school institutions.

(j) Policy Analysis and Research Committee

The Committee is charged with the responsibility of promoting the role of research and education for national development. It also facilitates and coordinates research funding by establishing sustainable linkages between universities and development partners and other stakeholders.

(k) Universities Grants Committee

The Committee provides liaison with Government departments and the public and private sectors of the economy in matters relating to overall national manpower development requirements.

(l) Central Universities Admissions Committee

This Committee whose membership is provided in Section 8 (3) of the Universities Act is expected to advise the Councils, through the Commission, on the co-ordination of admissions to public universities on a national basis; the establishment and maintenance by such means as it considers appropriate of equivalent educational standards as a prerequisite for university admissions; and prescribing the minimum requirements upon compliance with which a person may become academically qualified for admission to a university.

(m) Tender Committee

The Tender Committee processes the procurement of goods and services in the Commission.


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