Commission Chairman  Prof.  Chacha  Nyaigotti-Chachawas on  Friday  15thFebruary at  hand  to witnessthe  signing  of  Performance Targets  between  the  Commission  Secretary/CEOand  the Deputy Commission Secretariesin the CEO’s Office.The exercisewas in line with Section 7.4 of the  Commission’s Human Resource Manual that  guides  onwork  planning,  setting  of  agreed performance targets, feedback and reporting.Prof.Chacha noted the import of the activity as key in performance management and as a way of assessing  results  in delivering  the  mandate  of  the  Commission especially  in  enhancedservice delivery.Hethanked  the  Top  ManagementTeam  foritscommitment towards embracingand implementing the tenets of the Performance Management Systemas set out in the Human Resource Manual. Further,  he  emphasized  that measuringemployee  performance  and  achievingintended results is the overall goal of the Performance Management System.The system facilitates frequent interaction  and  synergies  between  the  supervisor  and  appraisee, optimum  resource  allocation, rewards  for  the appraisee,  and  identification  of  suitable  trainings,  as  well  as  organizational deficiencies.Staff  performance  Appraisal  System (SPAS)is  also  linked  to  staff  recruitment, promotion and succession planning. He encouraged the Division of Administration & Finance to sensitize staff on SPAS in consultation with respective Heads of Divisions.


Commission Chairman Prof. Chacha Nyaigotti-Chacha (right) and Commission Secretary Prof. Mwenda Ntarangwi sign the performance targets for Deputy Commission Secretariesat the CEO’s Office

Commission  Secretary  Prof. Mwenda  Ntarangwinotedthe  targets  entered  into  by  the  Top Management  on  behalf of their  respective  divisions  will  further  be  cascaded  to  the respective Headsof   Departments,   who   will   also dothe   same withindividual   staff   membersforimplementationat grassroots. He further called on the responsible Managers to put mechanisms in place toensureindividual staff under their commandare fully aware of their responsibilities in theStaffperformance Appraisal System. The contributionfrom every member of staff, the CEO noted, will count in the eventual CUE performance rating at the end of the appraisal period.

Participating  in  the  signing were  Deputy  Commission  Secretary  (Accreditation)  Prof.  Grace Njoroge, DCS  Quality  Audit  and  Standards  Prof.  Anne  Nangulu,and  DCS  Administration  and Finance Prof. Walter Oyawa, who coordinated the function.


The Top ManagementTeam (TMT)displays their respective signed Staff Performance Appraisal System (SPAS) Targetsafter  being  presided  over  by  the  Commission  Chairman  (2ndright).  Others are  Prof.  Walter  O.  Oyawa  (right),  Prof. Mwenda Ntarangwi/CEO (3rdright), Prof. Anne Nangulu (4thright), and Prof. Grace Njoroge (5thright).

The Commission’s Performance Management System encourages the setting of mutually agreed targets  between  the  supervisor  and  the  employee  based  on  jointly  planned  goals,  standards  and competencies/skills  requirements. The  Appraisee  will  hold  discussions  with  the  immediate Supervisor  to  agree  on  the  work  plan.  The  performance  targets  shall  thereafter  be  set  as  agreed upon in the discussions.

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